Freaky Friday Sequel is Happening, Confirms Jamie Lee Curtis

  • “Freaky Friday” is a popular movie that was released in 1976 and starred Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster. The movie follows the story of a mother and daughter who switch bodies and have to navigate each other’s lives.
  • In 2003, a remake of the movie was released starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. The remake was a huge success and is still a beloved movie among fans.
  • Now, Jamie Lee Curtis has confirmed that a sequel to the “Freaky Friday” remake is in the works.
  • Curtis revealed the news during an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” stating that she has been in talks with the movie’s director, Mark Waters, about a potential sequel.
  • While no official details about the plot or cast have been revealed yet, fans are excited at the prospect of a new “Freaky Friday” movie.
  • The original movie and its remake have become cultural touchstones and are beloved by fans of all ages.
  • The movies explore themes of family, identity, and the challenges of growing up, and have resonated with audiences for decades.
  • With the announcement of a new “Freaky Friday” movie on the horizon, fans can’t wait to see what kind of new hijinks and heartwarming moments are in store.

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