Tamil lyrics, Tamil lyrics app, Tamil Song Lyrics in Tamil, Tamil Song Lyrics in English:- Everybody wants to know the lyrics of Tamil songs in Tamil font, But lots of websites provide Tamil lyrics in English font, So we created this page especially for the Tamil song lovers who want to know the Tamil song lyrics. This page presents you the best knowledge of lyrics list and movie reviews in this page, If you are a karaoke singer then this page uniquely shares the most accurate song lyrics for you

    New Tamil Songs Lyrics

    This page is shared the latest collection of Tamil lyrics in Tamil font, Tamil Cinema lovers do karaoke songs and TikTok videos for Tamil songs all over the world, so they want to know the exact lyrics with timing to perform their tasks.Because a poor set of lyrics leads to the wrong presentation of TikTok videos and Instagram reals, so the movie lovers and performers wants to know the exact lyrics in English font and Tamil font to help those amateur singers we listed out the latest songs in this page and shared the latest movie reviews as well

    Tamil Song Lyrics in English

    Many karaoke singers and amateur singers sing Tamil songs without knowing the Tamil language, to help those other language singers we provide Tamil song lyrics in English font, which means the lyrics of the song is written based on the English pronunciation and thanglish.

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